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TYCOON TACKLE TROUT ROD-Light and strong. Laminated Tonkin Cane built with a parabolic shape for strength and durability. This type of construction will withstand 60% more stress pounds per square inch than the conventionally shaped rods of the same cross-sectional area. This is an 8-foot, 2-piece 4-5 wt. fly rod. It is available with your selection of grips: Wells, Reversed Half Wells, Half Wells, Cigar, or Cigar Full Taper. We use single-foot Fuji SiC guides (recommended because of their durability, lack of friction and their ability to extend the life the fly line). Snake guides can be substituted for an additional $150.00. Each rod is carefully finished with a unique finish that protects the rod and components from harmful ultraviolet rays. Each fishing rod is shipped in a custom rod sock and aluminum tube for protection.
All covered by Tycoon Tackle’s unique warranty.

Occasionally the course of history is altered by the convergence of conditions and events that indelibly and permanently change how it develops. During the convergence of these conditions, entrepreneurs seize the day to make their mark. Frank O’Brien and Tycoon Tackle came on the scene just as the most flourishing period of saltwater fishing was taking place and their unprecedented innovations were integral to the sport of big game angling as it entered it’s “gilded age.” The “Gilded Age of Big Game Angling” was made possible, in part, by the fishing rods and other products manufactured by O’Brien. Along the way, the company became a respected leader in industry, a respected corporate citizen, helped win two wars, and impacted people in a way that is still discussed seventy-five years later. This is the story of a successful company and its exemplary executive that is only possible in America, qualifying it to be considered an “American success story.” It spans from the “age of innocence” to the present day. The men and women who made Tycoon Tackle changed a sport and many lives as well. This is their story.
In The Tycoon Tackle Story, Timothy P. O’Brien — the son of Tycoon tackle founder Frank O’Brien, Jr. — gives us incredible detail and insight into one of the most beloved and legendary tackle firms in history. Utilizing the massive Tycoon Tackle archives as well as significant academic research (the book has well over 1000 end notes), O’Brien’s work will be the definitive history of the company, and one of the most important contributions to the history of big game angling.

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